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Good Food

Good Coffee

Good Neighbors 



Our Food is Good and Good for You

We serve fresh, healthy, tasty food prepared from top quality ingredients which we source locally whenever possible.  We hit the nexus between comfortable Midwestern small town fare and healthy, creative cafe cuisine.


Our meat, milk and eggs come from local Amish farms, our baked goods are made in house and in local bakeries, and our ingredients are always as natural and chemical free as possible.

You can feel good while savoring the flavors of our food, knowing you are taking care of your body and the environment.


Amazing Flavor Notes of Good Coffee

The world's most popular drink takes on a new taste in our small town chic coffeehouse.  Whether you prefer a mug of our flavorful, nuanced drip brew coffee black or with a dash of cream and sweetener, or a creative espresso and milk combo, our freshly roasted and ground coffee prepared with the best coffee equipment brings you an exquisite coffee experience every time.


We source our sustainably grown, directly traded coffee from a local roaster, and have a variety of single origin coffees for exclusive world region flavors as well as our perfectly balanced house and espresso roasts for a consistent cup of morning joe.

We Work to be Good Neighbors


We want to create a space for Arcola locals and tourists alike to find peace, friendship, and joy.  Our shop's inviting, comfortable vibe welcomes you to stop in for a break from work or travel, meet with family, friends, or business partners, or just take a time-out, enjoy a good drink or bite of food, and reflect on all we have to be grateful for.


We support Arcola by hiring our neighbors to work for us, providing a place for people to meet, work, and study, and giving back to local causes. 


We support our neighbors around the world by sourcing our coffee in such a way that farmers in places like Mexico, Africa, and Central America are appropriately paid for the wonderful coffee they produce, doing our part to enhance the global economy and make the world a better place.

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